About Us

Toque, âme de gourmet

Âme de gourmet

20 years of visual communication experience to promote your brand, creating high quality films and photos to capture and convey who you are, as well as what you do.


Âme de créateur

Starting as a photography studio specialised in advertising, Majinga has since established itself as a leading producer of institutional films and adverts, benefiting from a national network of 25 experienced producers, available across France and beyond.

Video has become one of the most effective ways for an organisation to increase its visibility online; on average, it increases by 50 an organisation’s chance of getting to the top of search engine results pages.

Âme Corporate

Our mission is to modernise your image, humanise your communication and give a face to your organisation. Good visual communication requires an in depth understanding of the values you want to convey. Whatever your audience, our offering will be tailored to your needs, style and budget.

Together, let’s unveil the best of your image.

Together, let's bring out the best in your image!